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Dog Grooming is something that is very important no matter how big or small your dog is. Whether they have long fur or short, cleaning and ensuring that it is smooth and odor-free is something that is needed to be taken care of. Dog grooming in Kirwan includes complete care where right from giving them a bath to trimming their fur (if long) and a lot more is undertaken. All of these are done by Bushland Beach dog grooming experts who are trained to maintain basic hygiene for dogs and puppies. At Loretta’s Pet Styles, we ensure that your little pet is taken care of in the best way. While using branded products and pet-friendly techniques for dog grooming in Townsville & Bushland beach, your dog gets to look and feel good by the end of the session. We help you with multiple services concerning dog grooming. Look through and bring your little one the next time he/she needs that extra care.

Coat Stripping- It is said that furry dogs are the first ones to encounter ticks and body lice when there is too much growth. With excessive fur, it also becomes difficult to brush the hair which prevents blood circulation. Therefore, there is a need for trimming the furry areas such as the thighs, chest, tail and legs at times. Using specialized tools, our dog grooming Kirwan team ensures that your dog looks neat and tidy once we are done with stripping.

Full Dog Grooming- Right from bathing to clipping off long nails, we do it all. With the help of Townsville dog grooming experts, we ensure that your dog receives the best treatment where they are not just groomed but pampered as well. We are a team of dog-friendly people who know how to handle them in a friendly manner, and that is what we do when you bring your little friend to us for dog grooming in Kirwan.

Bath and Brush- Bathing and brushing can be a difficult task for many dog owners. Dogs often get nervous when it comes to bathing them. This is where our dog grooming services help. We hold up your dog well and ensure that he/she is given a warm and nice bath while using products that are fit for their coat. After bathing, they receive the necessary brushing which dries off the fur as well as allows the body oils to circulate well can bring a shine to their coat.

Nail Trim- Long nails can be problematic and create accidents, especially with kids at home. Moreover, if you have wooden flooring, the nail scratches stay back permanently. The best dog grooming in Townsville helps out with services on nail trimming where all you get is perfect nails for your dog.

Puppy Trim- If you have a puppy that needs trimming and grooming now and then, bring them to our dog grooming center in Bushland Beach. We would ensure that he/she cares well while giving them the required trim. Cutting off long fur makes their bodies light and active.

The next time you want your dog to feel good and smart, come over to the experienced dog grooming team, and we wouldn’t disappoint them at all.


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