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Just as you like to pay frequent visits to the salon to beautify yourself, your pet too requires equal attention. That is where our services on cat grooming in Townsville come to your rescue. At Loretta’s pet Styles, we believe in making the cats feel equally good and comfortable in their skin.
We help out with a complete package, where your little friend gets to look and feel good at the same time. With a team consisting of trained experts in helping out with cat grooming, we ensure that your little one receives the best treatment. We are animal-friendly people and take care of the fact that your pet needs to feel at home.

Here are the services that we offer when it comes to cat grooming in Townsville:

Coat Stripping – Coat stripping or clipping of the fur from the cat’s body now and then is something essential in cat grooming. For sanitary reasons, the hair around the bum is usually stripped first to prevent clumping of the poo. The other areas as the inner thighs, armpits, tails and around the chin need attention as well. The coat stripping allows your cat to look neat as well as allows you to maintain proper hygiene. Excessive fur often allows the growth of body lice and ticks on their body.

Full Cat Grooming- This service isn’t limited to a single task associated with their care. We help out with full cat grooming where right from clipping nails or giving them a good and warm bath, we do it all while giving a makeover they deserve. All of it is done step by step and is undertaken only by cat grooming experts. Your cat gets to have a fun time with us while looking gorgeous by the end of the session.

Bath and brush- Bathing is a task that not pets like. Some love warm water baths while the rest run away from it. We, the best cat grooming service in Townsville, exactly know what it takes to bring them to the water. With the help of the best products that are suitable for their body and coat, our cat grooming team helps them with a good bath and brush where they come out feeling relaxed and good. The sessions aren’t long but sufficient to make them feel fresh and good.

Nail Trim- Sharp cat nails can scratch you when you are playing with them. Also, if you have wooden flooring, there can be scratches when cats have long nails. That is where we, the renowned cat grooming in Townsville, help you with nail trimming where we use safe tools to ensure that the nails are cut well and your pets stay clean and hygienic.

Cat Trim- While coat stripping is done on specific areas of the cat’s body, cat trimming is done for the entire body. Giving their fur a trim every once in a while would ensure that they are clean and free from pest infestation. With our cat grooming facility, their coat stays healthy without you having to clean up cat hair from all corners of the house.


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