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Cat Boarding Townsville

Cats Only has proven itself as a safe and reliable Cat Boarding Facility. We understand you love your Cat and, as Cat people ourselves, know that you need to feel assured that your pet is in a loving and caring environment.

  • Fully trained
  • Pick up and delivery
  • Geriatric care available
  • Medication - including insulin
  • Exercise areas
  • Your pet is given care and attention

If you are a cat owner, you would downright agree to the fact that cats have different moods and preferences and it changes from time to time. There is the need for you to bond with your cat well to understand what they are planning to do and whether you should be aware of their next move.

While your cat belongs to you and there can be no one better than you to understand them, we may be of some help to you when you aren’t around. Even though pets require commitment from their owners but there are times when medical emergencies or probably you have to go somewhere where pets aren’t allowed. This is the time when we can be your saviour. At Loretta’s Pet Styles, you can rest assured that your little one is in safe hands while you are away. We are licensed as cat boarding in Townsville and ensure that your cat feels at home.

We have a dedicated team that ensures that your cat is safe, eats well and has a lot of fun. Even though you cannot get along with pets in a single day, our pet experts can do so. They are trained in ensuring that your cat is in its best condition and doesn’t create trouble when you aren’t there to handle him/her. You also get to choose your cat sitter if you want, choose from preferences such as giving your cat a single room to be in and take a nap or even preventing them from mingling with other cats in our boarding area.

Each of our cat minders or cat sitter isn’t here just for the sake of it. Even though they have this unending love for pets, they are trained and own licenses to be cat sitters. They know of cat’s nature and how they behave from time to time. Handling your cat during such situations is what the cat minders specialise in.

Why choose us for cat minding –

  • We are fully trained to take care of your cat
  • We offer services on pickup and delivery
  • Geriatric care available if there are special cases
  • Medication - including insulin for cats when needed
  • Exercise areas to keep your little one active
  • Your pet is given individual care and attention by the cat minders


Farewell to Loretta and Cats Only from very satisfied customers.

My husband any myself have been dealing with Loretta at Cats Only for over 15 years now.

We were lucky enough to hear about Cats Only, 15 years ago, after our two elderly, well travelled cats, passed away, after we settled in Townsville.

A short trip to Cats Only and meeting with Loretta, and we were the new parents of two gorgeous blue Burmese kittens, which had just been born.

Six weeks later and after an extremely reasonably priced transaction, we brought the two kittens home, wormed, vaccinated and in robust good health.

As we travelled away from home at least three times a year we had no hesitation in taking our "babies" back to Loretta at Cats Only for boarding. We were also aware that if there was any problem whilst we were away, that Cats Only would make sure that veterinary care would be made available to our cats and that they would contact us if need be.  As it happens, in 15 years, there has been no need for anything like that.

We've been impressed that every time we bring our cats home after their holiday at Cats Only, they're happy, healthy and contented, and sometimes we're not sure that they really want to come home.

As we're moving away from Townsville, we doubt that we'll be able to find accommodation and care for our cat anywhere near the quality that Cats Only have been.

If and when we're in the market for a new cat (sad as it will be) , it doesn't matter where we're living, we will certainly be purchasing one of Loretta's brood, as we know she can deliver a very well bred, healthy and happy animal  to wherever we happen to be.  Whenever I hear of anybody looking for a specific breed of cat, I always recommend Cats Only and Loretta.

Kerin and Stewart Wood

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